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We had a major bed bug problem ...

... that was going on for over 6 months. We first tried all the store bought sprays but they didn't work. We started calling many companies to get quotes. Many of the companies we called said that there is currently no spray or pesticide that is effective for eliminating bed bugs and that the only way to get rid of them was to have everything steam cleaned using their expensive devices. The quotes we got were $2000+. We called CAIN and were reluctant to go ahead with them because they use a spray and we were warned this wouldn't be effective. We did most of the work ourselves, took apart furniture, vacuumed, bagged up all our belongings and washed and dried all our clothes. They came and sprayed for about 30 minutes and left. We didn't think it would work but surprisingly, we have been bed bug free for months now. He said the spray would be effective for 6 weeks and after that we should give him a call if we see any bed bugs. It's been about 3 months and they never came back. What also gave us peace of mind is the 1 year warranty.

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This way we know we are covered in case they ever do come back but so far no signs of them! We are very happy with the service we received and would recommend CAIN to anyone with a bed bug problem.

Fiction Action Design, 28 July 2011

Extremely helpful

I don't think I have had some be so helpful even over the phone. Great experience.

Shae-Lynn, 22 Mar 2011

Cain Pest Control is professional ...

... has years of experience and was VERY responsive to our pest issue. We had a pest problem and had used other service providers who simply didn't get the job done, but when we found CAIN we were very impressed. Carlos, Andre, and the rest of their team know what they are doing and have a lot of experience with what will and won't work. They are punctual (they came exactly when they said they would, unlike most other providers I have dealt with), and they will do repeat visits if necessary which is part of their guarantee. As a homeowner, we have used service providers for plumbing, roofing and other types of services, but I have not come across a company that is this dedicated to serving clients, or who will stand by the quality of their work with a guarantee. They really do set the standard for excellence in customer service, and I am very pleased to recommend them to anyone that has a pest problem in their home.

Chris, 18 December 2010

He took care of my bed bug problem!

I didn't know that I had a bed bug problem at first, because neither myself nor my husband reacted to them. It was not until we went away on a vacation, came back and were swarmed with them all at once that I actually saw one. I completely flipped out -- what are these things in my bed? There were dozens of them. Before our trip, I just thought that my room had a lot of spiders in it. I never looked closer at those little black dots in the corners of my bedroom to see that they were in fact bed bugs. I made a few calls and Carlo seemed the most knowledgeable and helpful over the phone. We made an appointment and he came immediately to treat the upstairs floor. He told me that because of the size of our infestation, he would probably need to come back and spray a second time. When I called him a few weeks later (I know you said wait 30 days, Carlo... I'm sorry I couldn't hold out that long, I was too freaked out by them!), he came right away and did the second application. I still saw a few bed bugs here and there after the second application but eventually they all died. It's been over a year now, and my home is bed-bug free! Thanks, Carlo, you're a no-nonsense guy and you tell it like it is... I would recommend you to anyone to remove their pest problem.

Michelle Bacher, 4 November 2010

Great experience

Within half and hour of discovering a huge wasp nest Carlo showed up and removed it for me. Incredibly punctual, courteous and very pleasant to deal with...and his price was very reasonable - a great experience! Thank you Carlo.

Anon, 14 July 2010